February 22, 2010 [Monday]
Issue #781
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TX TV WEATHER GUY UNDERGOES EMERGENCY SURGERY KVUE TV ABC CH24 Chief Meteorologist Mark Murray experiences emergency appendectomy surgery on Saturday, February 13, 2010. Mark writes on his Facebook page: Being rushed to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy was not exactly what I had planned to do on Saturday, but I’m home now and on the mend. Thanks to everyone at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center for the excellent care from the second I came into the ER until the fine staff on 4 East wheeled me out to the car. Special thanks to my wife and family, and to my wonderful friends for their love and support. Murray wakes up feeling fine on Saturday morning but begins to feel pain around 10 am. His wife Crystal is a nurse. She rushes him to the hospital. Mark says that this is the first time he ever spends the night in a hospital: I made it to 50 without doing that, and hopefully I won’t have to do it again. Actually, now that the appendix is gone I know I won’t have to do it again. Thankfully, my job doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting.

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Radio America Conservative Talk host G. Gordon Liddy often refers to his wife as Mrs. Liddy on his program. Frances who is Gordon’s wife of 52 years dies on Friday, February 5, 2010. Her funeral service is on Friday, February 12th in her hometown of Poughkeepsie, NY. JRRR sends our sympathies to the Liddy family.

WINTER STORM OR HOOLIGANS? A winter storm brings rain and snow to northeast Georgia. WLHR FM Country (92.1) Lavonia, GA goes off the air after its 284-foot tower collapses early Saturday, January 30, 2010. Georgia-Carolina Broadcasting co-owner Art Sutton says that no ice collects on the mast. Art believes that someone deliberately cuts the guy wires. Only The Shadow knows for sure. Stay tuned.

The Dovells' Bristol Stomp hits #2 in 1961. On what other hit tunes do they appear? The answer appears below.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thom Bresh son of Country Music Hall of Fame great Merle Travis/singer/songwriter/guitarist/actor [Home Made Love #6-1976] celebrates his birthday on Tuesday, February 23rd. •KSCS FM (96.3) Citadel Media Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX 6-11pm DJ Jeremy Robinson's show goes into syndication on Citadel Media's Today's Best Country plus KZSN FM (102.1) Wichita-Hutchinson, KS. •ALEXANDER HAIG former U.S. Secretary of State who serves Republican presidents and runs for the office himself dies at 85 on Saturday, February 20, 2010 at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. One of my favorite people in government.


•1958 EGYPT & SYRIA form United Arab Republic (UAR) on February 22nd. •1969 ELVIS PRESLEY records Eddie Rabbitt's Kentucky Rain at American Studios on February 19th in Memphis, TN. Ronnie Millsap sings harmony. •1979 BILLY MARTIN is new manager of Oakland A's on February 22nd. •1981 DOLLY PARTON's single 9 To 5 certifies Gold on February 19th. We spin the tune on KENR-1070 here in Houston, TX. •1992 BARRY DILLER resigns as CEO of Fox on February 22nd. •2008 RASCAL FLATTS' single Every Day releases to radio on February 18th on Lyric Street records.


CHUCK CASHMERE (San Diego-San Marcos, CA) Subject: Paul Williams-KNUZ. Jim, sorry to read of Paul Williams passing. I knew him from my brief stint at KQUE/KNUZ My condolences to family and the many friends he had in the Houston broadcast scene. As a matter of fact I think he recently responded to my inquiry about a particular recording. At any rate...I'm sure with the respect he was shown he was a terrific person. All is well on the coast. I'm looking for a way to vacate CA. Too expensive and ain't gonna git any better. CC

CHERI FALCHETTI (Pittsburgh-Kittanning, PA) Hi Jim, There are several stories. For instance, Bill Bailey used to eat sandwiches on the pool table and tick off the players or ride a skate board in the bar area and my mom would throw ice at him to make him go back to the pool table area. As for Arch (Yancey-KNUZ), the most pertinent memory was that 'velvet' voice of his & his "wellll". Arch would talk about the Ritz cracker (what word do you see on a Ritz) & observing people in their cars on the freeway. Then take it to the air which I was impressed. Cheri

JIM ELLINGER (Tamale, Ghana, Africa/Austin, TX) Subject: The radio station in Fondwa, Haiti. There are about forty community radio stations nationwide in Haiti and six in the Western District, which is the epicenter of the quake. The World Association of Community Radio (AMARC) has heard that these six have been "severely damaged." The AMARC Vice President, Sony Esteus remains unaccounted for.

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Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#780) February 19, 2010 [Friday] Loved the Chuck Dunaway story on Dale Hawkins and my guitar hero James Burton...good stuff, keep it coming!

LARRY SCOTT (Dallas-Terrell, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#780) February 19, 2010 [Friday] Jim, Bob Sullivan was the engineer at KWKH when Dale (Hawkins) and James (Burton) cut Suzy Q. He was also the engineer on The Hayride and all the live shows from the KWKH studios, Hank Williams, Johnny and Jack and Kitty Wells, Slim Whitman etc. He later move to Dallas and was an engineer for Summit-Burnett Studios. Bob retired a number of years ago and lives in McAllister, Ok. Larry

BUD BUSCHARDT (Dallas, TX) Jim, Did you see this? 'Rock 'n Roll pioneer Dale Hawkins dead in Little Rock.' When he worked with Abnak Records he used to come by the WFAA-TV "Sump'n Else" show studio in North Park with the artists whose records he produced. One time he invited us (the TV studio crew) to come to the Abnak offices on Olive Street in downtown Dallas to hear his latest production. That record should have been a hit but unfortunately was not. It was "Mr. Bus Driver" by Bruce Channel. Good song produced by a nice guy. Bud

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DR. JEFF CUNNINGHAM (Austin-Kyle, TX) I don't know if it is the same guy or not, but we have an Edwin Spacek living here in Austin. I was raised right down the road from Sissy. She was from Quitman, myself being from Sulphur Springs. Their family had a lot of friends and relatives in SS. Jeff Cunningham, DC Kyle, TX (
www.zoesplaceclinic.com) / (www.myspace.com/drjeffcunningham)

BOB GRANT [Robert Hanger] (Houston-Jersey Village, TX)
Jim: RE; Issue 780, 2/19; Michael O'Shea remembering the Spaceks. Sissy, native of Quitman, TX is now a resident of Albemarle County, VA near Charlottesville. Mrs. J. Fisk has 2 children & is spearheading an effort to garner more funds for the state film Commission before the VA Legislature. She moved to Virginia in the early 90's. BOB & Sonny Lee

TRIVIA ANSWER: The Dovells who have the 1961 hit Bristol Stomp reappear as Chubby Checker's backing band on Let's Twist Again plus they accompany Jean Hillery on 1968's novelty tune Here Comes The Judge.

CHARLES GEORGE (Dallas, TX) Hi, I had to pause when I saw the call letters KPLO, since I thought I saw at first WPLO which I was thinking was in Atlanta and a Country station. Then I thought maybe they were owned by the same group. Then when I saw KJMZ was thinking about when they were used here in Dallas. Other calls that are still around but at different locations: KBOX, KBUY, KCUL, KFAD, KMAP, KNOK, KIXL. I get curious at times whether they are still in use or are discarded as redundant. I find I listen to more stations on the Internet, since Dallas Radio is boring to me. I am marked off as having niche interests. Like in politics others have views that never get aired because they do not have funding. Makes me think of a remark about the State Of The Union from The Devil and Daniel Webster which I read in grade school. I asked on Facebook about Bobby Goldsborro, since I had a phase where I liked his singing and guitar playing. I was wondering whether he still is in the Music Business. I always liked his song Little Things and Voodoo Woman. At the moment I am in a Greta Scacchi phase. I am watching all the movies with her I can rent from Netflix. Charles George

BILL CLINTON [U.S. President 1993–2001 - NY Times July 28, 1993] The simple fact is that we must not - and we will not - surrender our borders to those who wish to exploit our history of compassion and justice.

Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas - En Dieu nous croyons

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