May 17, 2010 [Monday]
Issue #817
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THELMA LOU IS ROBBED IN MAYBERRY In order to get away from big city crime the actress who plays Thelma Lou on The Andy Griffith TV Show, Betty Lynn, moves to Mount Airy, NC which is the birthplace of Andy Griffith. On Thursday, April 29, 2010 after she finishes shopping, Betty Lynn sits outside a Mt. Airy grocery store. She gets out money to pay for a cab home. Then a man snatches her purse with about $130 in it and runs off. Mount Airy is the town that inspires The Andy Griffith Show's setting in Mayberry. But Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife is nowhere in sight to nip it in the bud. The Mount Airy News reports that the local gendarme arrests Shirley Walter Guynn of Cana, VA for the robbery. Currently, he is in the Surry County Jail on a $10,000 bond. In an earlier interview with the Mount Airy News, the 83-year-old Betty Lynn says that she moves to Mount Airy after she suffers three robberies in Los Angeles, CA. We fondly remember Thelma Lou in The Andy Griffith Show as the girlfriend of Deputy Barney Fife, whose portrayer is of course Don Knotts. In beautiful downtown Mount Airy there is a statue of Andy and Opie Taylor. Those are the days my friend.

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The FCC's Enforcement Bureau issues two $10,000 forfeiture orders because of unauthorized FM broadcasts. One goes to Marixsa Rolon for services and facilities of an unauthorized transmitter broadcasting at 90.1 and 96.7 FM in Plainfield, NJ. In August 2009, FCC agents trace an unauthorized broadcast to a house in Plainview. In January 2010, the FCC issues a notice of liability. Ronald Reid also receives a $10,000 forfeiture order for the operation of an unlicensed station on 107.3 in Bronx, NY. In October 2009 an FCC agent tracks a signal to Reid's building on Bronx Boulevard.

TRIVIA QUESTION: In 1953, Clyde McPhatter is the first lead singer for The Drifters. How many different members do they have? The answer appears below.


•KTVT TV CH11 CBS O&O in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX joins Fox O&O KDFW TV CH 4 with the launch of its early morning newscast at 4:30 am to begin on June 14, 2010. •KNSU FM (The Edge 91.5) Nicholls State University Thibodaux, LA receives a $7k fine from the FCC due to a late license renewal application. •DR. JAMES DOBSON returns to radio with his new daily broadcast Family Talk on over 500 stations. •BOB RYAN veteran NBC O&O WRC TV CH4 Washington, D.C. weathercaster moves over to cross-town rival WJLA TV ABC CH7 which gives it a 2nd popular forecaster in an attempt to close its ratings gap with WRC TV.


•1959 SLAMMIN' SAMMY SNEAD sets PGA record for 36 holes at 122 on May 17th. •1964 BUCK OWENS' single My Heart Skips A Beat hits #1 on Billboard's Country chart on May 16th. •1973 STEVIE WONDER releases his single You are the Sunshine of my Life on May 17th. •1980 ALABAMA's Tennessee River releases on RCA records on May 16th. •1992 LAWRENCE WELK conductor/accordionist on the Lawrence Welk Show on ABC TV on Saturday nights until 1971 when it goes into syndication dies at 89 on May 17th. •2005 TOBY KEITH's album Honkytonk University releases on DreamWorks records on May 17th.


JEFF THOMPSON (Winston-Salem, NC) Tom Ellis - Massachusetts is apparently ALSO enjoying your column and the nostalgia of recalling our old days in Austin, etc...where he and I were both Radio/TV students at the University of Texas in the late 1950's. Naturally we were also paying our way through, in part, by working at local stations. We were both in UT's annual "Round-up Review" stage production, and Tom played a role in my last college TV production coarse assignment, the play, "No time for Sergeants. Only once many years later, in NYC did he and I connect again briefly, while he was with WABC-TV...and I was at NBC News. - JT

CHUCK CASHMERE (San Diego-San Marcos, CA) Subject: Joel Spivak. Jim Bell is absolutely correct about Spivak, Jim. He was top rated at KILT and I thought best of breed at the time. I was at a party with my wife at the time who worked at KLAC in LA and found him to be cordial and bright. He was certainly held in hi esteem by his fellow broadcasters, LA stalwarts Loehmn & Barkley, etc. KLAC was highly rated in those days with the old Metromedia chain. ...I've been lying about my age for years. Nobody would believe I was only 39. Dave Ward has been on TV so long the aliens monitoring our microwaves in outer space think he's our leader and will undoubtedly demand to see him when they invade our planet.

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JIM BELL (Houston, TX) Hi Jim back at you, I did sign up for a subscription, and I found your email address prominently displayed a number of times on your website. I know. I'm getting forgetful too. I started in radio in 1965 as an easy listening FM DJ at KMSC FM in Nassau Bay. One of your regular contributors, Jeff Thompson in Winston-Salem North Carolina, was the PD there and hired me. Charlie Cashmere was one of the jocks. After that, I worked a couple of years in Austin at KTBC AM/FM, which is now KLBJ, Jeff Thompson moved to a new UHF TV station - KVVV Ch 16 in Alvin - and hired me to come work there in 1968. That only lasted a few months, so I moved into radio news at KIKK AM under the late-great and legendary Richard Dobbyn. Then, in 1969, Ray Miller hired me to come to KPRC Radio. In the following years, I spent a year at the Texas State Network and KFJZ in Fort Worth, a few months at NBC Radio in New York, 3 years of news and talk shows at KTRH in Houston, 9 years of News Directing and Deejaying at several stations in Lufkin and Nacogdoches, 3 more years of news at KTRH in the late 80s, and starting in 1993, 17 years and counting at KUHF Houston Public Radio, as a news reporter, writer, producer and anchor. I've been in this crazy business for 45 years, and I'm tired. Talking on the radio used to be the greatest way to make a living. Remember those days? We got paid to do something that just about everybody in town would gladly come in and do for free. It hasn't been any fun for a long time now, so I'm gonna hang up my headphones and retire to Lufkin exactly one month from now on June the 9th. Jim Bell

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BEVERLY FARMER (Frisco, TX) Hi, Jim, I just forwarded your e-mail to Brad (Wilson). He said he talks to you once or twice a year and you are one of his favorite people so I'm sure you will hear from him. He lives in LA. His new website is: www.HigherPurposeMedia.com I live in Frisco, Texas. Brad was the best man at my wedding in 1975, but I lost track of him after he went to work for Bobby Duvall. We connected about 2 years ago and I have been booking workshops for him and his partners, Jamie Elliott and Ralph Portillo from Hemisphere Entertainment. We tried to get a class for Brad together in Houston for May 22nd, but didn't have enough people register. He will be here in Frisco on June 5th for a class. Last night I was talking to Brad and he said he would love to find Randy (Ryder), so I did a Google search and found your website and forwarded the link to Brad. Thanks so much for your help!! Beverly Farmer

TRIVIA ANSWER: Since 1953, R&B group The Drifters have over 30 different members. Plus. there are two entirely separate sets of singers with that name.

ED MILLER [Milton] (Austin, TX) Jim, Glad to hear from you again, my friend. No I haven't contributed any stories for some time. Last time I saw Randy Ryder was also at the same Baskin Robbins ice cream shop in Duncanville he bought after getting out of radio where you saw him, although I think it was several years later. My father and I went by to visit him, and to personally invite him to come to a KPCN reunion party we had planned at a hamburger and beer joint in Fort Worth. We invited all the KPCN alumni we could locate, including Jim Newton, Bill Mack, Joe Poovey, Mac Curtis, and Horace Logan. Horace drove in from South Louisiana, where he had retired to living on a shrimp boat and making black powder muskets. No one else showed up for the gig. Never again saw or heard from The Big R. When its over, its over. Keep the old radio memories coming, Jim. They mean so much more to us every year. Thanks for all you do. -Ed

BOB GRANT [Robert Hanger] (Houston-Jersey Village, TX) Jim: Hoyt Axton died of a heart attack @ age 61 on his ranch in Victor, MT on 10/24/99. Never heard of any connection he had w/Eugene, OR. I always respected him for kicking an alleged ten-year cocaine habit. He started his Jeremiah record label in 1978 & was an inductee in Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame; he appeared in 4 or 5 movies as well as 4 episodes of the TV series "Bonanza." His first LP was issued way back in 1962 & Capital released his "American Originals" album in 1993. Mother Mae was laid to rest in Hendersonville, TN Memorial Gardens, but I have her death listed as 4/9/97, not date in April you listed in JRRR. Best for the weekend to you & Lacy...BOB at The Southwest Outpost

LEWIS CARROLL (1832-1898) I have proved by actual trial that a letter, that takes an hour to write, takes only about three minutes to read!  

Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas Laus Deo

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