May 24, 2010 [Monday]
Issue #820
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AUSTIN, TX ROCKS BUT ITS RADIO STATIONS ROLL The gorgeous Colorado River flows on the west side of Austin, TX but radio stations inside its border ebb. The Department of Justice forces Clear Channel to sell its radio stations in four cities to complete its $19.5 billion buyout deal with Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital. In the past year or so radio giants Clear Channel and Emmis make big waves that affect several frequencies in TX's Capitol City. With its buyout in 2008, Clear Channel plans to spins off KPEZ FM Adult Contemporary/Contemporary Christian hybrid (The River 102.3) Austin, TX and KFMK FM Hip Hop (105.9) Round Rock, TX to new owner Aloha Station Trust. But on May 21, 2010 Clear Channel announces that it will move KPEZ FM to 105.9 where it has less power and reduced coverage starting on May 31, 2010. KFMK FM on 105.9 will move to the more powerful 102.3 frequency. KPEZ FM shares a building with sister stations KASE FM, KFMK FM, KHFI FM, KVET-1300 and KVET FM. In November 2009, Emmis flips Rhythmic KGSR FM (Hot 93.3) Cedar Park, TX to Adult Album Alternative (Radio Austin 93.3).

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RADIO IN LAFAYETTE, LA MAKES BIG CHANGES, TOO Pitman Broadcasting Hot AC KYMK FM (The Monkey 106.3) flips to a simulcast of Urban AC KFXZ FM (Z105.9). Pitman KFXZ-1520 abandons Talk for a Gospel format. Delta Media KLWB FM goes Classic Hits as Snap 103.7. Townsquare Media (formerly Regent Broadcasting) swaps its frequencies of Modern Rock KFTE FM (Planet 96.5) and Talk KPEL FM (NewsRadio 105.1). This re-channels the Talk format to a stronger frequency that is closer to the heart of Lafayette, LA plus it reaches more of the neighboring communities.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What blues singer recorded the tunes Crossroad Blues, Love In Vain and Traveling Riverside Blues? The answer appears below.


•JERRY ATCHLEY of jingle production houses PAMS and TM in the '70s, former President of FirstCom Broadcast Services in the early '80s and one of the original owners of KSSN FM (95.7) Little Rock, AR passes away at 68 on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. Jerry's survivors include his wife, Stephanie Simon Atchley and two daughters. •LARRY GATLIN of the Gatlin Brothers is guest host for Fox Business Network’s Don Imus from June 14–18, 2010. Larry gleams, No one can ever replace my buddy, Don Imus. I am honored to hold his place until he returns from a well-deserved vacation. Gatlin's music pals join in with live performances.


•1954 IBM announces its new vacuum tube electronic brain on May 24th that performs 10 million operations per hour. •1961 DANA WILLIAMS bass player with Grand Ole Opry group Diamond Rio born on May 22nd in Dayton, OH. •1974 DEAN MARTIN SHOW's last program on NBC TV is on May 24th. •1981 ROSANNE CASH's Seven Year Ache is her first #1 Billboard Country single on May 23rd. •1992 AL UNSER, JR. wins the Indy 500 on May 24th. •2003 RANDY TRAVIS' Three Wooden Crosses hits #1 on Billboard's Country chart on May 24th.


SAM LEE [Samuel] (Beverly Hills, CA) Jim, although I was hired by Gordon McClendon, Ted Agnew was super good to me as well. He gave me the use of a news unit to attend U of T in Arlington, and give me support and encouragement as well. We had the best news staff in the world at that time. I'm not sure of how things are now, but back then we were more than co-workers--we were family. Truly, one of the best times of my life. Stay in touch. Sam Lee, KLIF News; The Zeitgeist Corporation (www.ZeitgeistCorp.org)

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Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio. Hi Jim! I'm enjoying the remembrances of KPCN that you and the guys are having. I'm too young to even remember the station, but I did run across several things about the station a while back, that KPCN originally flipped to easy listening briefly before going R&B (as "Soul Sockin' 73.") The new calls, KKDA, were mangled to mean "K-Day" and "Dawn of a New Day," and the station was also known as "Sunny" during that brief MOR period. (Today, 41 years later, it remains KKDA.) I've also got in my notes (on www.knus99.com) that a jock named Eddie Craig was the last one to broadcast on KPCN and the first over KKDA, on 1/25/1969. Two days later, he defected to KBUY! (Must have missed the C&W format or something.) When KPCN signed off, listeners were directed via commercials to now get their C&W music 'fix' on KYAL-1600 in McKinney ("K-Y'all.") But the winner ended up being KBOX-1480, who apparently inherited most of the former KPCN listeners. One guy who worked there was Bill Bragg (1966-67,) who we know better these days as the voice of Big Tex at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. Jay Weaver (Joe Fuchs) worked there as well and is still in the DFW area; we talk fairly often. Now am I correct that Ed Miller/Milton is the son of former KPCN station manager Giles Miller Sr.? Thanks, and take care of that pup! Mike Shannon

ED MILLER who uses the air name Ed Milton's real name is Giles Edward Miller, Jr. His dad Giles Edward Miller, Sr. owns KPCN in 1967. TX state politician Ben Barnes and some others buy KPCN and flip it to E-Z Listening KKDA-730. Later, another new owner flips KKDA's format to Urban Contemporary where it remains today. When I'm the sign-on to 10 am DJ on KTER-1570 in Terrell, TX from 1965-66 the mid-day DJ Bob Shelton exits his 10 am-2 pm slot on KTER to go to the new KYAL-1600 which moves down south from McKinney to Dallas suburb Plano. KTER's owner/GM Bill Pirtle adds Bob's show onto mine to make it sign-on to 2pm. Then, Darryl Parker, Chief Engineer and 2 pm to sign-off DJ, heads to TSN at KFJZ-1270 in Ft. Worth. Pirtle tacks on Darryl's show which puts me on the air from sign-on to sign-off Monday through Friday plus sign-on to 6 pm on Saturday. A local preacher, Reverend Warren Daniels, trades out janitorial work at KTER to do the 6 pm to sign-off DJ show Wings Over Zion on Saturdays. Ironically, Reverend Daniels is still on KTER.

JIM LOWE Morning Drive DJ on WRR-1300 for years is also the voice of Big Tex at the Texas State Fairgrounds for decades. Jim also does Cat's Caravan at 10 pm on WRR. Used to listen to him when I'm still in high school in Dallas. Have a copy of one of his Cat's Caravan LPs in my collection.

KPCN's line up in 1967 includes Bill Mack (sign-on to 9 am), Joe Poovey (9 am-noon), Jim Rose (noon-3 pm) and Randy Ryder (3 pm to sign-off). Joe is also the Music Director. Bill's brother Clois Smith is the Associate Pastor of my church here in Houston, Tallowood Baptist, with over 4000 members. One day I receive a phone call at KPCN from Bob Hanna whose office is in a skyscraper in downtown Big D. He instructs me to come to his office for a visit. The only thing that I remember him saying is that KPCN has new owners and because I'm the newest DJ on KPCN, adios. Bob later is in sales at KBOX-1480 in Dallas.

WFAA-820 with its 50,000 watt clear channel signal beckons so I become its new 7 pm-midnight DJ from M-F and noon-6 pm on 5,000 watt WFAA-570 on Sundays. Randy Ryder tells me that when he turns off KPCN's transmitter my show on WFAA-820 fills the KPCN control room monitor speakers. WFAA's powerful 50,000 watt transmitter is not too far away from KPCN's studios and transmitter. Remain on WFAA from 1967-68 until I receive a call from Harrel Banks in San Antonio who says that he is GM of KBUC FM-AM. Harrel wants me on KBUC. He calls almost every night trying to get me to go to KBUC. Finally, I give him a $ sign that I believe will make him leave me alone. This doesn't faze him one bit. He puts me up in a nice motel to visit KBUC. So, in August 1968, I go back home to Dallas and give Charley Van, Program Director of WFAA, a 2 weeks notice to move on to greener pastures in the Alamo City.

JIM CARTER (San Antonio, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#819) May 21, 2010 [Friday] Howdy Jimmy...reading what O'Shea & McCurdy wrote about Sam's Bar-B-Q reminded me of the best greasy spoon in Big D. It was a burger joint on Ervay at Main I believe called The Top Hat. They also had a another location close to The Dallas Morning News. Those people made the best burgers this side of heaven! They were deliciously greasy & the aroma coming off the grill was one of the best that my nose ever had the privilege to experience! Sure miss that sucker! I'll bet just about every jock at KLIF back in those days devoured a few of 'em a one time or another... Gentleman Jim Carter

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BEVERLY FARMER (Frisco, TX) Subject: Brad Wilson. Hi, Jim. You may remember my friend, Brad Wilson. He would really like to find Randy Ryder. Brad's e-mail is: brad@bradwilson.biz Thanks. Beverly Farmer 

TRIVIA ANSWER: Blues singer Robert Johnson recorded the Classic tunes Crossroad Blues (1936), Love In Vain (1937) and Traveling Riverside Blues (1937).

VICKY PICKERING [JOHN] (Houston, TX) John heard on Larry King that Mick Jagger said Buddy Holly was a big influence on him. I bet Buddy would be surprised. Vicky and John Pickering (www.buddyhollyandthepicks.com) / (www.myspace.com/thepicksbuddyholly)

JOHN LENNON (October 9, 1940-December 8, 1980)
He made it easy to wear glasses. I WAS Buddy Holly.

Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas Laus Deo

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